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"The Global Voice for Veterans"® for Armed Forces Radio for Kozmik Radio
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The Global Voice for Veterans
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Remember it is TEAM work that makes all of us strong
TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More

Our Mission As Global Voice 4 Veterans

is the be available in every household on Itunes and TuneIn for Phones

The Armed Forces Radio Network, Hire American Heroes
The Armed Forces Radio ( AFR), Kozmik Radio,,
and the Veterans Job List purpose and mission.
Our purpose is to be able to offer assistance to any Veteran who has served our great nation to preserve, protect and defend its constitution.
By Being the Global Voice 4 Veterans we can offer more information.
We will work with guidance counselors, lawyers, employers, educational institutions, Veterans affairs, DAV, American Legions, and Veterans of foreign wars, Doctors, Nurses, Senators, Congressman, and the President of the United States of America to pave a road for successful transitions from military to the civilian sector in education.
Our staff will work 24/7 to make the transition and advancements as smooth as possible in order to continue building a stronger America. Along with the training and skill accomplished during the military tenure and any additional training or guidance needed, we will work with each and every one on a one to one program.
Fact, employers are looking for highly trained and skilled personnel. This is a win win situation for both the veteran and the employer. We will have listings of open positions available at our offices and posted on our web sites.
For any employers who are looking for qualified veterans, we will post the openings, work shop dates, and other employer events for free in order to help the veterans become employable.
We are looking for corporate Sponsorships to help us cover our expenses in achieving those goals.
The Armed Forces Radio Network aka AFRN will be involved in fund raisers, promotional events and other activities to accomplish our objective.
Regarding all veterans with disabilities, we are committed to seeking the best treatment, counseling and assistance possible. One of the most overlooked purpose of life and liberty is building a foundation for our children to live on and to grow on. We must do whatever it takes to protect them from the madness, insanity that plaques this nation and the world. We must support orphanages to the fullest extent. We want to be involved in learning about autism spectrum therapies, a childhood disease. The children are our future.